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Welcome Letter

29 Jun

Sweet ladies-

We all come together broken sinners. We are all at different levels with our faith, from those growing up in a strong Christian home, those still seeking and searching, and all of us in between. Some are married, some are not, and some are divorced. Regardless, we all come together with the commonality of women, wives, and mother’s seeking to make a difference, become stronger and better versions of ourselves, and to make meaningful connections. I write, in hopes that I can encourage you where you are and hopefully give you tools to help you along your journey. I will try to cover a variety of topics in the hopes that I never shy away from the biggest things we go through as women. They might not always be relevant to you now but it might in the future and then you have the tools and resources to help guide you or maybe help someone close to you. I encourage you to step out in faith even if it is a little uncomfortable. This is a safe place to discover and bloom. To ask questions and seek answers. We are all on a journey and remember we all have a story to tell. God has led me here and given me the opportunity to share my mess-my testimony piece by piece and he has used it all for good, for His glory and it has set me free. The women I have encountered, whether good or bad, for a season or for life, have been instrumental in helping me become the woman I am today. They were there to answer questions, to challenge me, to speak the truth in love, and to encourage me. This ministry is dear to my heart and I pray that you too are blessed by what you read and see in these pages. This is my story, what is yours?

~Be Blessed and be a Blessing~


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