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6 Sep

With Labor Day once again upon us, please take a minute to give, read, or share this story to help to bring awareness to Muscular Dystrophy and continue to bring hope to all the families affected. Thomas has had some setbacks this year. He has been hospitalized, his body tires and hurts more quickly, and has had to rely more on his wheelchair. In spite of all he and his family has been through they continue to cling to hope and to the One who gives it. They inspire me! Thank you for visiting. ~Be Blessed and be a Blessing~

.....and a sprinkle of love

I would like to introduce you to Thomas. He is the 8 year old best friend of my son Jacob and the son of my dear friend, Joelle.  These precious boys have been friends since diapers and are definitely two peas in a pod.  They love to be together doing all those neat things little boys like to do. They run, climb, and jump and when they have done all of that, they fall into a heap laughing like only innocence allows. No matter how much fun they have the same conflict always arises.  There is a constant disagreement with Thomas’s mind and his legs.  After a short time of boy play Thomas starts to get an all too familiar ache and stiffness in his legs.  He wants to keep going but his little body says no.  You see, Thomas was born with Muscular Dystrophy, Becker Muscular Dystrophy to be exact.

When we think…

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