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Bedtime Prayer

16 Jul

When night rolls around and all is quiet, I close my eyes and stretch my face toward heaven with a deep contented sigh I thank the Maker of the heavens and earth for another day to walk among His glorious creation. To revel in sweet sleeping faces, sticky floors, and tooth paste on the counter. I sit and count my blessings of the day and can think of many-freckles on little noses, white wispy clouds being blown away by a warm summer breeze, watermelon trickling down your chin, holding my husbands hand in the car, and hours of Candy land. I then leave my troubles at His feet. A smile and an amen, knowing that the Lord was in my today and He will be in my tomorrow. While I sleep, He is up to something and I pray that tomorrow I will glorify Him even more than I did today and that His will for me be done. Sweet dreams.

~Be Blessed and be a Blessing~


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