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What do we Stand for?

20 Nov

Maybe we’re doing it all wrong.  We spend so much time letting others know what we’re against, maybe, just maybe, especially as Christians, we need to be showing the world what we are for.  I saw something today (in regards to the new Kmart commercial) that someone posted on my local news channel Facebook page regarding the said commercial and this person posted, “Yeah, just another thing for Christian freaks to complain about”.  My first gut reaction was to reply and speak my mind to this person but I paused.  This person might be on to something.  It really got me thinking.  How many opportunities in an average week do I have the opportunity to portray to the world what I stand for as a follower of Christ?  The answer is many.  I rub elbows with other mama’s, chat with neighbor’s at the mailbox, make small talk with the folks at the grocery store and all the while I have the awesome opportunity to be the face, hands, and feet of Jesus.  Why then do I waste that time spewing so much negativity?

Why do we become interested in something in the first place?  Probably because there is some sort of appeal to it.  We want the Good News to be appealing.  For people to stop and think about Jesus in a loving approachable way.  If we constantly on our moral soap boxes we’re just stirring up unnecessary conflict and we lose that possible connection to start a dialogue that could potentially lead another to Christ.  We need to preach the Good News and plant seeds but if we are lacking that neighborly love than all efforts to sow those seeds would be in vain.  We can’t expect non believer’s to have the same filter we do.  Once you invite Jesus into your life it is then the job of the Holy Spirit to convict us and help us to become right with God.  Being a Christian is a verb and we want to use those actions to draw people to Him like in Mark 1:17, Jesus said, “Follow me I’ll make you fishers of men”.  I am certainly not implying that we should idly sit by and not stand up for Christ.  What I am proposing is that maybe we find more ways to be cohesive, to be that Christian that is relatable and not hateable.  To get people excited about all that they would gain in knowing Christ and not all that they would have to give up to follow Him.

What do you think?  I would love to hear from you.

~Be Blessed and be a Blessing~


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